Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Scout Guide 2014: Behind the Scenes

early this morning, while y'all were still enjoying your first cup of coffee we were here at the store gettin' our photoshoot on. 
the scout guide has been in northern virginia for three years now, and we're so glad to be included! the photos are always so amazing, and we love seeing all the local businesses in one publication.

last year featured kelly's bumper, and so it only made sense to have henry in the photo this year to continue the story! he was such a good little model, and i know we all looked like lunatics behind the camera...the things we do to make a kid laugh.

Scout Guide 2012

Scout Guide 2013

behind the scenes from this years shoot!
it was quite an early call time, but henry was such a pro.

henry was, per the usu, adorable.

baybay shoes & mama shoes.
the cutest baby shoes paired with the most beautiful mama shoes.
henry's little converse were monogrammed at the little monogram shop, right here in old town and his bow tie is from 529 kids consign

and...a huge thank you to bronzedberry for making me look&feel as if i just got back from a Caribbean vacation! its amazing to have some color back on this skin! 

we can't wait to see the final photos (and the outtakes…henry was cracking us up!) and we're so excited for the guide to come out in may!

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