Friday, March 21, 2014

Sugar House Shopping Party

we are so excited about tonight's shopping event at sugar house day spa!

100% of the event's proceeds will go to the wounded warrior project in honor of robert steidl. we are so proud to be supporting this cause along with so many of our old town peers!

tickets are $5 and you'll have access to a silent auction, swag bags for the first 50 guests, champagne (who doesn't love that) and lots of other goodies.

doors open at 6:30....see y'all there!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where to Wear: White Out

in our humble opinion, there is nothing more chic than an all white moment, even in the winter. silly rules that say you can't wear white after labor day were meant to be broken and we're breaking 'em all. 

left outfit deets:
loren hope earrings (coming soon!)

middle outfit deets:
loren hope necklace (coming soon!)

right outfit deets:
loren hope earrings (coming soon!)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where to Wear: Black & White & Floral

two of the biggest trends this season are black and white and floral (groundbreaking, we know). 
we are huge fans of both of these trends, and so we thought why not combine them to great one mega trend: 
yes, it's happening.

left outfit deets:
loren hope necklace (coming soon!)

right outfit deets:
loren hope necklace (coming soon!)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oscars 2014

so the oscars, happened.
my anticipation and the hype of the red carpet didnt live up to the reality of the red carpet.
kate hudson (can i just be her. please. pa-ah-leaseee) won the red carpet.
she was everything.
her hair, make up, jewels and clutch were beyond perfection.
i am going to write her a thank you for bringing her a-game.
<giving a side eye to everyone else...>
the other two noteworthy moments of fashion were pink and sally field.

kelly's picks:

bry's picks:

i have to say, the red carpet was pretty tame this year. no crazy see through dresses, and i didn't feel like people took a lot of risks. with that said, i was so happy to see some classic hollywood glam coming from these actresses, and many others. sandy looked so pretty in her navy, lupita's dress made her look like cinderella (in the best way), charlize looked stunning and of course, kate was perfection. simple, elegant, classic. i'm a fan.

i think we can all agree that the winners were as follows:

#1- kate with her cape
#2 - kate without her cape
#3 - that's it. kate wins. mic drop.