Thursday, April 17, 2014

#cobblestonerunway: Alumbra Photography

by now y'all probably know how obsessed with susannah we are. not only has she shot our past three lookbooks (and a new one that we're shooting next week…whaaaaatt??) but she also took kelly and chris' baby announcement, henry's newborn photos AND their 2013 holiday card/six month shoot. 

basically susannah will be photographing every major bb event for the rest of time…bb engagements, bb weddings, bb babies, the list goes on and on.

not only does susannah take the most incredible photos, but she is an absolute joy to work with. 

….ok we admit it, we totally have a huge crush on her. so what?

AND not only can you hire susannah to photograph your entire life (like we do) but you can also work next to her! there is studio space available in her office on patrick street in old town. 

check out the past lookbooks she's shot for us:

some of our favorite shots:

miss susannah doin' her thing on the set of the cobblestone runway lookbook:

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