Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Horoscope Style: Aries

Aries women are fiery, energetic and independent. They are known for their leadership and courage, and these ladies are not afraid to fight for what they want. We are lucky enough to have an Aries lady of our own, and she helped us pick these looks!

1. Elaine Turner coral flats.

These flats are great for spring, and the tortoise shell chain is such a unique detail! The bright color is bold, just like all of you Aries ladies!

2. LK Bennett envelope clutch

This patent clutch also comes in navy, tan and blush, and we think it is the perfect accessory for a night out on the town! The patent leather is so shiny and the black is such a classic color.

3. CC Skye warrior bracelet

This CC Skye cuff is so beautiful! It isn't called the warrior cuff for nothing! This bold color is so strong, and it definitely matches the fiery, strong-willed personality of an Aries woman!

4. LK Bennett heels

These LK Bennett heels are our new favorites for spring, and we love seeing Princess Kate Middleton wear her pair of LKs! Talk about a strong, independent woman!

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