Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Meet & Greet: Loren Hope

we've gushed over the Loren Hope collections
more times than we can count, but today we
spotlight the designer and the inspiration behind the
colorful baubles and classic crystals!

each piece is individually hand-crafted using traditional 
jewelry making techniques. the attention to detail and
 quality assurance is always on point. 
even more impressive,
 the entire collection is made in the USA
domestic production seems to be an idealistic dream for so many brands,
but somehow unachievable {or unattractive} in a market
where exporting labor is inexpensive and easy.
  Loren Hope breaks the mold, and has made this process a reality, 
while keeping retail costs low to moderate and quality high.

"Our work celebrates the rich history of 
Rhode Island’s jewelry-making industry  
we are proud to be even a small a part of its resurgence."

led by designer Loren Barham, the team at Loren Hope
 sources the best materials and 
take pride in delivering superior craftsmanship.
the pieces often feature Austrian rhinestones, 
Czech glass beads and cabochons, as well as semi-precious stones.
many of the gorgeous accents used
 are repurposed vintage stones.
a majority of the pieces are made with brass,
high quality gold plate, and surgical steel posts.
this is one of our favorite features of the line for a two reasons.
firstly, antiqued brass is a very nicely brushed metallic and easy to
 pair with both gold and silver tones.
bring on the mixed metals! 
secondly, the earrings have proven to
be safe and comfortable for sensitive ears.

notice the little bullet on the end of the chain? 
Hope gains style points while paying homage to her military husband!

• Loren Barham •

"Jewelry design has always found a way into my life. 
One of my fondest memories as a little girl is playing in my
 Grandmother's thrift shop. She would let me plunder around for
 hours and I would take apart all sorts of old jewelry and re-assemble 
the baubles into new combinations."
the line creates signature a color palette for each season.
always on trend, while staying true to their
vintage inspired silhouettes.
Alex Studs for Fall 2015

"I am also a huge fan of vintage jewelry.
 I have always been intrigued with antiques and relics from our past – the colors, 
craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail 
in vintage jewelry are constant inspirations for me."

Silvia necklaces for Fall 2015

what makes Loren Barham tick?
read our interview with Loren Hope from June 2014

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