Monday, December 8, 2014


we're big fans of strong & independent women...
and apparently our girl Ivanka is too

as the face behind one of our favorite lines, Ivanka Trump is the poster girl of "having it all".
exuding both poise and confidence, Trump proves time and time again that 
you are the master of your own fate.

when she isn't working on extensive shoe, accessory, and clothing lines, 
Trump is promoting a new campaign of #womenwhowork. 
vogue magazine lays out how the fashion mogul empowers
 women to live meaningful & complete lives
 while redefining how they are perceived in a competitive work environment

 shoulder pads are out, sleek lines & girl power are in.
sorry we're not sorry.

who inspires you? are you a woman that works? #jointheconversation
and let us know how you're living life to the fullest
@IvankaTrump @bishopboutique #womenwhowork

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