Monday, May 12, 2014

happy mothers day!

my time has come...i am celebrating my first mothers day. 
i just know that babyh has BIG things planned. im thinking fireworks, banners, breakfast in bed, bedroom filled with roses, gifts know, the basics. 

a few weeks ago DC MAG asked me what my fantasy mothers day wishlist would look like. it took me (maybe) 5 seconds to decide my top three fantasy gifts. you can ask the hubs, but coming up with ways to spoil myself or, even better, for someone else to spoil me isnt much of a challenge for me...
i mean, look at the ring! hello, gorgeous! is that even real life?

so, this begs the question...what would your fantasy gift or gifts be?
let us know! or better yet, come in and shop for it!!

(check our my full fantasy gift rundown below.  attention: sweet hubs&baybay you are welcome to surprise me with any of these options on sunday. xo)
3.5 cts total weight 
Estimate $10,000.00
oh…hey there, my complete obsession. i have been dreaming of sporting this insanity on my finger from the moment I found out I was pregnant. i am under the delusion, and desperate hope, that the hubs will see the light, and surprise me with this stunner on my first (i’ll repeat) first, mother’s day. after all, i did sacrifice my body for forty-ONE weeks, and produced what might actually be the cutest baby ever to grace our universe. hmm...maybe I can convince him that it's baby-rent?? $1100 per month in DC is a steal! 

my second gift of choice would be a weekend away sans the baybay. Oh. hey there, Virginia wine country! Seeing that I went forty-one (looonnggg) weeks off the sauce, wouldn’t it be dreamy for my sweet husband to take me away to a luxury suite at the Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery? stomp grapes, indulge in some heavy pours and spoil myself with endless amounts of sleep. sign me up. cheers. 

Celine Luggage Bag 
fact: my life has a (fashion) void. working in the fashion industry you can’t not have the it bag of the moment: the Celine Luggage bag. i already have the cutest accessory, my darling henry, but one more cant hurt. right, ladies? right.

Photo Credit 
annnnddd, yall guessed it. that sweet picture of me and six day old babyh was taken by our favorite, Susannah Marlowe-Galan of Alumbra Photography

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