Friday, January 3, 2014

Ilse Jacobsen

this winter is already quite challenging, and we have mixed feelings about it at bb...bry gets giddy at the smallest flurry, bri can take it or leave it, margaret doesn't care what the weather is as long as new shoes are involved and kelly (insert expletive) hates it. BUT we are all obsessed with our ilse jacobsen all-weather boots! yes, we all have a pair (some of us have multiple) and we take any opportunity to wear them. 10% chance of rain? you best believe we'll be in our boots.

soo, this begs the question: do you have the proper winter wonderland gear? kelly stumbled upon this brand in a small store in nantucket & quickly fell in love with ilse jacobsen's perfect combination of sophistication & edginess. so you can quit huntin' for your new bad weather besties, cause we found 'em! get yours here.

learn more about the line: 

The well-known Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen was tired of bad smelling rubber boots and wanted to create some nice and comfortable boots ideal for outdoor activities. 

Today the hand-made rubber boots designed by ILSE JACOBSEN • Hornbæk have become a design icon in Scandinavia. The most famous style being the rubber boots with the laced-up fronts. The individual rubber boots vary in their design but they all share the same basic philosophy. They are made of 100% natural rubber and the cotton-fleece lining makes them both warm and comfortable to wear. The soles are warm isolating and very light. The rubber boots are ideal for outdoor activities, rainy or snowy days in both urban and suburban settings.

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