Monday, November 25, 2013

the big dunk.

october was quite the insane month.
(november seems to be quite the copycat...hence this post just now going live.)

we had two weddings on back-to-back weekends.  henry & i spent the in-between week in hot'lanta...where he was spoiled rotten by my family.  i had a fast trip up to new york for Lucky FABB and henry got baptized. sprinkle in halloween and a trip the pumpkin patch and it felt as if i blinked and october all of a sudden became november.

i found henry's adorably sweet baptism outfit at monday's child a
fellow old town boutique district member.
***fact: shopping local is the jam.

 looks like someone just saw the holy ghost. 

family shot. 

yall probably recognize my sister, kate, our regular shoe mod & bb gurl. she was sporting her amazing elaine turner boots. i was wearing old school loeffler randalls. yall they are amazing. if you dont own a pair yet, you best get on it.
(sorry i dont have better outfit shots. it was a hectic morning.)

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