Monday, September 23, 2013

Falling in Love: Behind the Scenes

ohmygosh. ya'll, we're exhausted. the past week has been so insane, but we have so much exciting news to share! 

the first little tidbit of bb news is that our fall lookbook, "falling in love" is in post-production and will debut on october one! we worked with amazing bloggers, adorable puppies, one super cutie baby and some extremely handsome men. does it get any better than that?! we think not.

 we woke up before the crack of dawn last sunday to shoot in the beautiful morning light. the things we do for art. sigh.

 our dear friend susannah from alumbra photography (who shot our patriautical lookbook) did such an amazing job with the photos. eek! we can't wait to share!

 we were so excited to work with meaghan from district sparkle & liz from so much to smile about -- have y'all checked out these blogs? do yourself a favor and get lost in them for a few hours! we also had our beautiful manager bryarly who has her amazing blog, everything that flickers & bb resident shoe mod katelyn participate. despite the early call time we all had such a blast, and dare we say...this might be our best. lookbook. ever. you'll have to be the judge. 

get ready to fall in love on october one. 

in the meantime checkout these behind the scene photos.


decisions decisions...liz from so much to smile about trying to choose her shoes for the lookbook.

bb manager, bryarly, getting touched up by our amazing hair&makeup artist, abigail de casanova.

meaghan from district sparkle and her adorable boyfriend. 

liz modeling as her adorable pup looks on.

katelyn and the cutest baby, and top bb salesperson, henry. 

happy hour, y'all!

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  1. Can't wait to see the full lookbook!