Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tax Return = New Shoes!

Happy tax season, everyone!! This is the time of year where we spend hours trying to remember how to file our taxes (or bribe our accountant friends to do them for us...). After the frustrating, confusing ordeal of trying to decode tax forms, we can hopefully expect a generous return a few weeks later. I like to think of my tax return as free money, and what else would you do with free money than buy new shoes! Obviously!

We have so many fun new shoes and bags for spring in neutrals and black & white, but we think that your tax refund should go to something different and funky! Why not use part of your refund on a pair of blue heels or a hot pink bag that you wouldn't normally buy because you're a budget conscious chick? Every girl needs a statement bag or pair of shoes, and your tax refund is the perfect way to fund them! A treat for your feet, or for your arms, respectively!

These are some of our favorite statement shoes and bags, and we don't think you'll be able to resist now that you have a few extra dollars in your pocket!

These Ivanka Trump heels are so sassy and are the perfect partner to your sexiest LBD. They are so flattering, and the pink and snake accents on the toe and heel are definite head turners! Did we mention the amazing comfort of these babies? You'll dance the night away in these fabulous heels!

Let's be honest. Who doesn't need a hot pink bag? You'll be able to fit your whole life into this Milly tote. You can pair this bag with pretty much anything, and it is the perfect statement piece for spring and summer!

Hello, beautiful. These woven Loeffler Randall wedges are to. die. for. The color combo makes them extremely versatile, and you'll wear them endlessly. 

Green is the pantone of 2013, so obviously this Milly bag has to be a part of your 2013 wardrobe! The zipper detail gives this bag a little rock edge, and the green is such a beautiful emerald, and everyone will be green with envy when they see you strut your stuff down the street with this bag on your arm!

These red LK Bennett wedges are the perfect nautical wedge for barbecues and boat parties! The suede is so soft and the red is a fun pop of color that adds to every outfit. Pair them with white jeans, flowy skirts & dresses and even shorts! Hello summertime!


  1. Looks like to me if 40% of the population pays only 6% of the burden, it is that group who is getting plenty of 2013 tax brackets advantages. I'm not saying this is unfair. Saying the rich aren't paying their fair share just is not supported by the raw data. So, I'm wondering why this is said. I just can't figure it out.

  2. I'm not particularly thrilled the first year I was about to get my tax refund. I remember consoling myself it was okay not to get any, just as long as I don't end up owing the government money for unpaid taxes. I've heard the horrors of it, you know. I'm fortunate my current employer did pay my lawful contributions. I used the money for a new pair of eyeglasses! ^.^