Monday, April 22, 2013

Horoscope Style: Taurus

Happy birthday to all our Taurus ladies! Taurus women are known to be very sensible, patient and wise. They are very stylish and put together, and they value strength and practicality.

Taurus women usually have a very strong connection to nature, which is very appropriate today of all days: Earth Day!

We have picked some shoes and accessories that we think our Taurus ladies, as well as the rest of y'all, will love!

1. Loeffler Randall wedges

We just got these amazing wedges in, and we are in love! They are a great heel height, and they are so stylish! Perfect for the practical yet fashion forward Taurus lady!

2. Hyla DeWitt necklace

The color of this necklace is so stunning, and it is a great statement piece to add to any simple outfit!

3. NOAH Safari clutch

These clutches are made of all non-leather material, and their motto is "a handbag you can feel good about". NOAH stands for "No Animal Harmed", and the company is dedicated to the welfare of animals, which is a cause that earth-friendly Taurus can get behind! We are also having an Earth Day sale on these bags! They're 30% off today!

4. Ivanka Trump heels

These sleek and sexy heels are appropriate for work and are fun for date night!

5. LK Bennett tote

This is the perfect go-to tote for the Taurus woman. The taupe can be worn all year long, and the patent leather is so beautiful and shiny! 

6. Ivanka Trump flat

These gladiator flats are a great combo of power and glam, which is the epitome of a Taurus woman! 

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