Friday, February 1, 2013

Bloggers by Bishop: Atlantic-Pacific

We are taking part in the Warehouse Sale at the Masonic Temple in Old Town tomorrow and we have shoes and booties just like the ones that Atlantic-Pacific wears all the time on her blog!

Atlantic-Pacific is another one of our favorite bloggers and even though she's living in NYC now she's from the DC area! Her style is so eclectic and she puts together some of the most fun and colorful looks we've seen!

These brown booties show up in her posts a lot, as you can see!

Photo credit: Atlantic-Pacific

These Matt Bernson booties we have in the store look a lot like Atlantic-Pacific's favorite booties, and they're just as versatile!

We also love these red heels that A-P wore in this post, and we have a pair of Schutz flats that look a lot like them!

Photo Credit: Atlantic-Pacific

And is a more comfortable flat option that we'll have on sale tomorrow! 

We also love this look by Atlantic-Pacific, especially the purple suede pumps!

Photo Credit: Atlantic-Pacific

We have some Ivanka Trump pumps that are a fun purple like the ones Atlantic-Pacific is wearing, and even though they're not on sale tomorrow you can find them in our store! 

We've been running around like crazy getting ready for the Warehouse Sale, and we're so excited to be participating. We hope it goes well and we'll be back after the madness is over!


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