Monday, August 13, 2012

…oh, hey…there….

well, ladies and some gents, welcome to my blog. (what!? i have a blog. weird.)

i guess i should give you a quick rundown on what you might read about in the near future: shoes, fashion, small business drama (pronounced: DRAM-ah.), old town, alexandria, my love of reality television (i live/die for bravo) and my addiction to hummus…plus, some key players in my life:

·      the hubs AKA the love of my life slash ‘he does my books’ slash mr-fix-it at bb
·      tater AKA my sister. shes like me but better and wrapped up in a smaller package…how’d that happen?
·      shoe mod AKA my jules who highlights as my traveling foot model. she wears a size six and is five feet six inches tall…i am constantly amazed how she doesn’t just fall over?
·      my a team AKA sara&annie. my dear friends who manage bishop so i don’t have to miss out on all the happenings of my life outside of shoes. plus we all love martinis which i find to be a unbelievable bonus in our friendship…our significant others don’t agree. they bore us.
·      b AKA brando (brandon in formal settings) we started our shoe careers together, kick off every morning with a very serious phone call where we try to out funny each other (he always wins) plus he lets me crash at his amazing apartment for shows while i’m in the BIG apple.
·      kitty&bbarry AKA my parents. if you ever meet my dad, please tell him how nice the tile looks. he’s also on youtube for the toast he gave at my wedding…its his claim to fame. you will hear kitty heckling him in the background.  it pretty much sums up their relationship…you know…wrapped up in all that love and mushy stuff.
·      irene&bo AKA the inlaws. some of yall have met irene – she keeps watch on my (boutique) baby – not so secretly wishing it were a real baby. if you ever meet bo, please tell him how much you love the jewelry lighting and chair molding.

as bishop nears its one year anniversary…i…you will be able to follow all the happenings (past, present, future) HERE! i can promise you one thing:

the hubs will HATE how i write this blog. constantly telling me that my writing is a stream of conscience and reminding me of my grammatical errors. we’ll continue to agree to disagree on what makes a blog special. ahh, marriage.


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